Classes for Adults

For Adults
{whether Continuing Education, Tech Schools, Summer Camps, Senior Living Programs, etc}


Voice Workshop
Learn the basics of singing, from warm-ups and breathing techniques, to pitch exercises and other basics.


Life in Scotland*
Preparing to visit Scotland?  Have an interest in your heritage?
Just have a love for the country?  Come learn more about this country.
From the history, to the food, arts and culture of today.


Beginning Genealogy*
Learn the basics of getting started researching your family history.
Leagh will teach you where to start or the records you should check.


Advanced Genealogy*
Have you been researching your family history a while and need more tips?
Leagh will show you other records to research and tips to break through your brick walls.


History of Musicals*
 Explore how Broadway developed into the venue it is today.
We’ll start with the early days and explore the major musicals, composers and stars of the day.
We’ll see how the advent of the movies affected Broadway both negatively and positively.
We’ll journey through the Golden Era to the Dark Days and back to the revival of this beloved genre.


 Romantic Couples
A great addition to your Valentine’s Day!
Explore the complex relationships of some of the most romantic couples in history, literature and mythology.
Discover why some had happy endings and others were tragic.

 *Most of these programs are designed to be 6-8 weeks long {2hrs each session}.  Leagh can accommodate for other needs