Caregiving Topics

Honoring Our Father and Mother 
God tells us to honor our father and mother.  This isn’t always easy, but God rewards us for obeying his word.  Leagh shares God’s word to honor our parents and the frustrations when others do not honor this command.

Help! I’m a Caregiver
Being thrust into caregiving can be very scary.  There are so many unknown factors and issues to face.  Leagh helps take some of the stress out of this new adventure, answers questions related to caregiving and helps caregivers figure out a plan that meets each individual need. 

Caring for the Caregiver 
Caregiving can be very stressful.  Leagh tips to dealing with the stress and taking time for the yourself. 

When Heaven Nears
Often dealing with the end of a caregiving season is very stressful and confusing.  Leagh shares tips and suggestions for walking a loved one home to heaven and beginning the healing process. 

Activities for Those with Dementia 
Leagh uses her expertise as a caregiver and activities director to share activities to help stimulate the senses and engage individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s.