Caregiving Life Coach Seminars

Caregiving Life Coach Seminars and Workshops

Help! I'm a Caregiver

Dealing with Burnout
Are you burned out?  Leagh offers tips, suggestions and resources to get develop a support system and dealing with caregiver burnout.   We will also discuss boundaries that can be set with the patient.

Making a smooth transition
No matter how much we want to stay at home, often the time comes for your loved one to move.     Whether that means moving in with a family member or to a skilled nursing facility, this can be a very difficult and trying timing.  Leagh gives you tips on trying to make the transition as easy and stress free for everyone involved.

What happened to my life?
Are you angry that your life has been stolen?  Often caregiving is all inclusive and takes you away from the rest of your life.  Leagh gives you tips on dealing with anger and moving into forgiveness and acceptance.

So Much to Share, So Little Time
Dementia and Alzheimer’s are just as difficult on the family as they are on the caregiver.   Occasionally, there are short intervals when the patient is lucid.  Leagh will share stories of the successes and failure she had in making a connection and providing care with dementia patients.

Preparing for the End
We know that at some point in time the end will come.  There is often no way to emotionally be ready for this, however there are plans that you can make to prepare for this before the time comes.  We are thinking emotionally in that moment and reacting to what is around us.  Often  it is difficult to make decisions during this time.  By making the tough decisions before hand and having a written game plan, the process will go much easier and smoother.

What’s Next?
Eventually our loved ones pass on and we wonder what’s next for our lives.  Leagh gives you tips on dealing with grief, moving forward and setting goals.

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