British TV

Do you love Downton Abbey?  Would you like to watch other shows the British hit?

Leagh loves many of the British and Canadian TV shows.   Below are a list of some of her favorites.  Many of these can be found on your local PBS station.  You may also find them on YouTube, Hulu, or your library.   Many public libraries carry these series.

Hamish McBeth


Monarch of the Glen


Downton Abbey

Lark Rise to Candleford

Call the Midwife

Berkeley Square


The Grand


Wolf Hall

The Tudors+

Emily of the Moon^

Wind at My Back^

Road to Avonlea^             {Great for Lovers of Anne of Green Gables}

Mr. Selfridge

The Paradise

Home Fires

Durrells in Corfu

The Snoop Sisters

Murdoch Mysteries


Rosemary & Thyme


+ Beware of Adult Content

^ Canadian TV Series

Most British TV series {seasons to Americans} have an average of 10 episodes


downton abbey