Biggest Loser Series

Biggest Losers of the Bible Series

Women’s Edition

Learn about some of the women of the Bible that had it all, only to lose everything.

Biggest Loser
includes Jezebel, Salome, Herodious and Lot’s wife
We look at these women that had nothing good to show for their lives.  In the end they lost much due to their decisions. These women had few to none redeem qualities.

From Biggest Loser to Biggest Winner
includes Rahab, Ruth, Esther, and Mary Magdalena
These women seemingly had nothing, but because of their decision to trust The Lord, they gained everything.

Bad Losers
include Potiphar’s wife, Job’s Wife, Michal and Delilah
These women just had a bad attitude and acted in a manner that was far from Godly.

Good Losers
include Deborah, Noah’s wife and Mary, the Mother of Jesus and Eve
These woman faced disaster and life altering decisions but because of their faithfulness, they were rewarded.

Winners vs. Losers
   include Vashti and Esther; Orpah and Ruth; Penninah and Hannah, and Rachel and Leah
This options looks at their decisions and attitude, the conflict between the women, the attitude of their husbands and how all of these decisions affected their lives: one for the better and one for the worse

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