Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered:

 Design Services
                Are you a writer, musician, life coach or artists?
Leagh can help you design your products to get word out about you and your work.
If you need help with your OneSheet, Letterhead, Business Cards, or Media Kit, she is available to help you.
She can either design these services for you or offer a critique on your current products.

Write an Obituary
Do you need help writing an obituary?
Leagh has written them for her family, as well as transcribed thousands through her research.
With Leagh’s writing and genealogy credentials you get a double bonus.

                Is your life unorganized?  Do you have files everywhere?
Leagh can help you organize a room or your files, whether physical or digital.
She is also available to offer tips and suggestions on how to become more organized.

                 Do you have a manuscript or paper you need typed? Do you have tapes that need to be transcribed?
Able to type up to 90 wpm, Leagh is available to fulfill your typing needs.

                Do you need research for a paper, book or project you’re working on?
Leagh is available to help you with your research.
She can also offer advice on research tips and how to best organize your research to best suit your needs.

Website Critique
Is your website out of date?  Do you want to know how to better utilize your site?
Leagh will give you an honest critique on how to improve your site or better utilize features on your site to attract clients or readers.

PowerPoint Presentation
Do you need a PowerPoint Presentation for a project, class, seminar or family reunion?
Leagh can layout, design and prepare your presentation for you.
She is also available to assist you with designing and improving your own presentation.

 Resume Writing
                Looking for a job? Do you need to spruce up your resume?
Do you want to stand out for employers to notice you?
Leagh will help you write and revamp your resume, or give you tips on how to improve your resume.

Social Media Training
Do you need to set up an account on Twitter, Facebook or another social media site?
Do you not understand the terminology, how to use the site or want to know how to better utilize the site?
Leagh can help you with the setup or learning how to better use your site.

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