In the Struggle: Pulling back the Layers of Self-Esteem

After years in an abusive relationship I was beaten down and broken.

Sometimes You Have to Pullback the Covers to Find the Person Hiding Inside

Sometimes You Have to Pullback the Covers to Find the Person Hiding Inside

My self-esteem had been completely destroyed.  This also meant that my weight issues were shelved.

I didn’t like being overweight.  I knew I needed to lose weight, however not until I began to pull back the layers and remove the years of pain, hurt, anger and resentment from my past, was I able to move forward in my weight loss journey.

For me, this work took YEARS.   Everyone has a different journey and set of issues.   Once I began to feel better about myself and to gain some confidence, I discovered my thought process was also beginning to change.

I had all of the knowledge and knew what needed to be done, but I was not implementing.   As my thought process changed, I was able to begin to care about myself and my life again.   With that I was able to start making the baby changes that needed to be made and to feel better about myself.

Those small changes began to add up into larger changes.  With those changes I began to see improvements in my life.

So far I’ve lost forty pounds, but I still have a long ways to go.  I have days when I make better decisions than others, but I know that each day is a new opportunity to do better than the day before.

What small change can you make today?



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