God Has Better Plans

I’d given up on life in those years of living in domestic violence.

God knew my plans and intervened

God knew my plans and intervened

Inside I was dead.   So much so that I’d formulated a plan to take my life.

One day, I was fired after missing work for doctor appointments and counseling sessions over the last few months.

Great, I’ve got just enough money to check into that hotel across the street. I’d carefully thought out my plan to go there and permanently end the pain I was in.

Ah, as the famous saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men.”

My plans were squashed when I was forced to call Duncan from my boss’ office.  The boss didn’t know my plans to take my life, but he watched as I made the phone call.

Then he stayed with me until Duncan arrived to take me home.  I did not have the opportunity to walk out the door and make it across the parking lot.

I did not see until much later that God had intervened to thwart my plans.  I continued to struggle with thoughts of suicide for a few more years, but the opportunity never presented itself the way it did at that moment.

Photos Courtesy of MorgueFile

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