In the Struggle: 7 Ways Exercise Helps Stress

There are some circumstances that are more difficult than others.   Lately, I’ve been dealing with a curve ball I never expected.

There are many benefits to exercise, but I’ve seen the importance of exercise when dealing with stressful situations.

However, I’ve discovered that even during these difficult times I feel better and have a better attitude when I decide to walk and/or exercise. exercise

Exercise helps in so many ways:

  1. I have a better attitude—lifts my mood
  2. Walking is multipurposeful, because I can pray during this time
  3. I feel better after exercising
  4. Exercise helps me deal with stress better
  5. Exercise is good for my body
  6. I can exercise instead of eat through my emotions
  7. Exercise makes me feel better about myself

How has exercise helped you through some difficult times?

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