Wellness Tuesday: 10 Tips to Remember when Eating Out

Last week we discussed the benefits of eating at home.  But let’s be honest, you’re going to eat out at some point.

So what are some tips to remember when we eat out?

  1. Avoid fast food

    Fast food is the worst choice we can make when eating out

    Fast food is the worst choice we can make when eating out

  2. Order foods that are healthy words such as poached, baked, roasted, grilled or broiled and not unhealthy words such as fried, breaded, creamed, etc.
  3. Take half of your meal to go for later or split the meal.
  4. Split the dessert if you must order one. Often one or two bites are all we need.
  5. Ask for the bread or chips to be left off of the table.
  6. Check the calories online before going to the restaurant.
  7. Order off of the lighter portion of the menu that many restaurants now provide.
  8. Don’t be afraid to make special request for how to prepare the food.
  9. Remember that liquid calories also add up.
  10. Order water right away and sip on it while waiting for your meal to arrive.

I’m still working on all of these tips, but just remembering a few each time is a start.

What tips do you use when eating out?

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