Worrying about Tomorrow


Recently I have been prone to worry. This is nothing new. I’ve had more than I can handle.

Between moving and trying to figure out the next step after my temporary lease runs out, along with staff changes and extra stresses at work, my heart has been heavy.

I have been worried about how everything will work out.

When talking to Mama I told her of some upcoming changes to my diet. Then my mind went to my work in a nursing facility. “If these changes take what will I ever do when I have to go into a nursing home?”

Mama laughed. “Even I’m not worried about that and I’m closer than you are. Stop worrying.”

Stop worrying. Sometimes that was easier said than done.

Jesus said, “Therefore don’t be anxious for tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.”   {Matthew 6:34}

I was guilty of worrying about tomorrow. I was guilty of letting my circumstances overwhelm me.

But even when we have more than we can handle we are told not to be anxious. The Lord has provided more times and, in more ways, than I can count.

Yet, I continue to doubt and worry about all the things I cannot handle.

Instead, I was reminded that I needed to surrender to God and ask Him to handle the situation.

Do you worry about tomorrow? Do you trust the Lord to provide?

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