Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series—Why do women stay?

stop violence           One of the questions I was often asked when I left Duncan* was, why did you stay?

Finding the words to explain this is difficult.  A person that has never been abused has no understanding of the mind games an abuser plays with their victim, along with the freedoms that are slowly stripped away.


Below are the many of the reasons women stay.

  •   Lack of finances to leave
  •   Believe partner’s threats
  •   Believe partner’s promises to change
  •   Fear don’t believe anything better
  •   Believe religious teaching that require them to stay
  •   Embarrassmentdomestic violence 3
  •   Didn’t want to bring shame to family {this is extremely important in some cultures}
  •   Doesn’t believe the violence is serious
  •   Low self esteem
  •   Loves/Loved Him
  •   No support system in place
  •   Children
  •   Family told her to stay
  •   Don’t want to be divorced again
  •   Preserve family reputation
  •   Wants to keep “the dream” alive
  •   Nowhere to go
  •   Sanctity of Marriage
  •   Fear no one will believe you

Can you list other reasons a woman might stay?


*Name changed



Why Women Stay in an Abusive Relationship 

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