When Joy Won’t Come

So what do we do when joy won’t come?

Often, we have to force ourselves to keep putting one foot in front of another and move forward.  Instead, we may want to curl up in a ball and just be left alone.

There are activities that help depression

There are activities that help depression

It is important to understand that depression is a serious disease.   First and foremost, please see a medical professional.  There are numerous test that can be run to check if there is a health reason causing the depression.  The health reasons are numerous and often require a more balanced diet or regiment or medicine.  Seeing a doctor is imperative to make sure nothing is medically wrong.

Other steps we can take when joy won’t come include:

  1. Exercise—regular exercise often helps
  2. Listening to music. If you’re a musician this may also include performing music.
  3. Spending time with others
  4. Journaling our feelings and thoughts
  5. Seeing a licensed counselor
  6. Limiting our obligations—sometimes we are so busy and doing so much that we need to cut back and recharge our batteries
  7. Good old fashioned rest

What do you do when joy won’t come?

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