Behind the Hymn: All the Way the Savior Leads Me

All the Way the Savior Leads Me is one of the songs that runs through my mind at times.

Fanny Crosby

Fanny Crosby

The hymn was written in 1875 by Fanny Crosby.

“A frequently told story about this hymn relates that it came to Fanny as a result of a prayer. Struggling financially, she desperately needed some money. As her usual custom, Fanny began to pray. A few minutes later, a gentleman offered her five dollars, the exact amount she needed. Later recalling the incident, she said, “I have no way of accounting for this except to believe that God put it into the heart of this good man to bring the money.” The poem she wrote afterward became “All The Way My Savior Leads Me“.”

The tune was written by Dr. Robert Lowry.  In her autobiography, Crosby wrote that this was her first hymn to be set to music by Lowry

The hymn was first published in Brightest and best hymnal in 1875.

The song is considered one of Crosby’s best known hymns.

The song has been published in over 250 hymnals.

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