Rebel to Redeemed: Walking in Faith

Once again my life had been uprooted and I didn’t understand why.  I felt that I’d taken a huge step back in time.

Yet, God kept telling me to trust Him.  Although that’s the way it felt, He sees the bigger picture and He assured me that wasn’t the case.walk in faith

I had nowhere to turn, but to Him.  My faith was really tested, but time and again God proved faithful.

He provided financially in ways I never dreamed or imagined.   He continued to take care of me and watch over me.

I don’t admit to understanding everything and having all of the answers.  There are days I grow very discouraged and disheartened at the events and circumstances.

However, I keep trusting.  Through this I seek His will through prayer and Bible study.  I have prayer warriors surrounding me that I know are also praying for me.

If nothing else, God is teaching me a lesson on faith.  I believe and trust that He is working behind the scenes and will reveal himself to me in due time.

What I’ve learned is to never stop praying.

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