Rebel to Redeemed: Waiting on God’s Timing

I recently read a story of a prodigal who also struggled for twenty years.  She remarked that she gave her life to Christ and the next morning she was a new person.  So many of the issues she’d struggled with were completely taken away.

Waiting is hard, but God's timing is not usually our timing

Waiting is hard, but God’s timing is not usually our timing

I don’t know why God acts differently with different people.  In many ways I wish I could say that had been my story, but that’s far from the case.

My healing took almost six years to complete.  There were times when I grew very frustrated.  I grew to the point that I felt “stuck” in so much of my life.  Nothing was what I wanted or the way I dreamed it would be.  I was working and existing to get by but not enjoying much of life.

This was a heavy time of caregiving in my life and that can become very lonely.  I felt all alone and lonely.  I begged God for friends, but he was the one constant in my life.

I prayed, cried, and sung my heart out but nothing changed.  I didn’t understand why and began to wonder if God had forgotten me.  However, at the same time I was thankful to be somewhere safe.

Nothing I did seemed to change the situation.  Even when I attempted to change things up or begin a routine, nothing seemed to work.

Would God ever remember me and bring me out of this depression and loneliness?

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