Wellness Tuesday: The Unhealthy Benefits of Enabling

We enable one another to endulge in our favorite unhealthy foods

We enable one another to endulge in our favorite unhealthy foods



Last week, I told you about the power of indulgence.  I admitted that Mama and I both have a weakness for ice cream.

One problem I have discovered is that we enable one another in our weaknesses.

For a while one of us will stay strong and resist {we flip flop on who stays strong}, but eventually

I need to eat less of these....

I need to eat less of these trigger foods….

one of us will cave and both of us give in.  We have learned how to enable one another.  This only leads to hurting ourselves.


A few ways that we can resist enabling one another are:

  1. Do not keep trigger foods in the house
  2. Set realistic goals—ex. If we go two weeks without eating ice cream, we will get 1 cone at Brewster’s
  3. Avoid joining in eating the food {that’s hard to do, especially on ice cream}
  4. Find healthy substitutes
  5. Savor the food when you do eat it
  6. Set goals to wean yourself off of this food {this is great if it’s an addiction.
    Each day eat a little less than the day before so that in one month you don’t want any.}

    ...and more vegetables

    …and more vegetables


  7. Find ways to reward one another {find something you each like doing that the other person doesn’t.  Offer that service for a set number of hours, if the person reaches their goal.}

Does someone enable you? What are some ways you can stop enabling those in your life?



The Unhealthy Benefits of Enabling in Weight Loss 

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