Wellness Tuesday: Treatment for PCOS

I’ve been sharing a little bit about PCOS {polycystic ovarian syndrome}.  We’ve discussed the symptoms, causes and complications over the last few weeks.

Regular exercise helps maintain PCOS

Regular exercise helps maintain PCOS

So how do you deal with PCOS?

Well, first see a medical professional.  The doctor will take your medical history, draw blood work and conduct a physical.  You can then discuss any issues or concerns you may have about this issue.  This is especially relevant if you long to have children {although some women do have children while battling PCOS}.

The physician will then offer suggestions, prescribe any medications needed and some may even order hormone treatments.

The best treatment method for PCOS is to change your lifestyle.

A balanced meal is also important

A balanced meal is also important


This includes:

  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Weight control
  • Stop smoking {if you smoke}

How have you dealt with PCOS?

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