Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series—What to do if you get angry?

anger         Duncan* often knew how to push my buttons and which buttons to push in order to anger me.

Often an abuser wants to insight anger to bring on another cycle of abuse.  By causing anger in the victim, the abuser can blame the victim.

When Duncan tried to make me angry, a few things I learned {the hard way} to do were:



 Walk awaybe a survivor

 Use “I” statements when speaking to express how you feel {this keeps you from accusing}

 Take time to think things through

 Don’t get a 3rd party involved

 Calm down before approaching the subject again


One note: If one party places their hands on the other party in any way during an altercation, the police has the right to arrest that individual.

What other ways can think of to walk away from an encounter before it erupts?

*Name Changed


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