Our Tongue Can Stab As a Sword

Recently, someone walked into my office, which was packed with my team, and unleashed a tirade.

I sat there listening and biting my tongue, unwilling to make matters worse.

This was not easy, but very much needed and necessary if we did not want to escalate an already tenuous situation.

Often it is difficult to hold our tongue, but there are times when less {or nothing} said is better than returning the flood of emotions.

Are your words sharp as a sword

There have been times in my own life, when I’ve been the one lashing out and saying hurtful things to others.  However, the greatest lesson I took away, was that nothing was said.  I was met with only kindness and love instead of the anger being projected.

The tongue is a powerful weapon and can cause a lot of pain and unrepairable damage if we allow it.  Our tongue can truly stab as a sword.

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 12:18 – “Thoughtless speech is like the stabs of a sword, But the tongue of the wise is a healing.”

Is your speech a stab of the sword?  Or do you hold your tongue and speak the healing words of the wise?


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