Book Review: The Widows Club Series

This was a book I initially picked up for my grandmother to read, but upon reading the book I had a newfound author to read.

Widows Club

In The Widows Club, Valentine Denay is struggling with the death of her husband.  Each morning she meets with other widows on her cul-de-sac, including her high school nemesis and new neighbor, Barbie Baxter.  Once she begins planning the church fundraising project, life gets very busy and the possibility for love even shows up along the way.  Can she get over her husband enough to give her heart to another?

Invasion of the Widows Club is the sequel to the original novel.  Valentine is still struggling with moving past the loss of her husband.  Will she ever be able to give her heart to Robert Chase?  In the meantime, Barbie Baxter is up to her old shenanigans, until Jade Jansen moves to town.  Strange events cause Valentine to suspect everything is not as it seems.  Will she be able to solve the mystery before there’s one less member of the widow’s club?

This is a fun read that is very enjoyable.  Valentine’s struggles are realistic and Invasion of Widows Clubunderstandable for a woman that has just lost her husband.

Valentine’s frustration with Barbie Baxter is understandable, as we’ve all had someone in our lives that annoy us in the same manner.

Invasion of the Widows Club combines more of the mystery element into the novel than the first novel has.

In both novels, you will find yourself laughing, shaking your head and saying “you go girl”, all at the same time.

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