Movie Review: The Ultimate Life

Happy 4th of July!

I want to re-run this review for a movie now available on DVD and shown on cable TV.  If you are looking for a good movie on this holiday, here is a suggestion.

The Ultimate Life

If you loved The Ultimate Gift, you will enjoy the sequel, The Ultimate Life. The movies are based on the books by Jim Stovall.ultimate life

The film picks up three years after The Ultimate Gift ends.  In the film, Jason Stevens, played by Logon Bartholomew, is battling his own family who took him to court after his grandfather left him a multimillion dollar fortune.  His girlfriend, Alexia Drummond, portrayed by Ali Hillis, departs for Haiti leaving Jason stunned.  He turns to Hamilton, his lawyer, who shares more about his grandfather, Red Stevens.

In the backflashes we learn more about Red Stevens.  We discover how he vows to become a millionaire, makes all of his money, and ignores his family.  Then tragedy strikes and he discovers that all of the money he made is for naught.  That is when Red realizes he has spent all those years investing in the wrong legacy.  Red changes his focus and reinvests his legacy into helping others.

Hearing his grandfather’s story proves to be a wakeup call for Jason.  He realizes how much Alexia means to him and decides to win her heart back.

The movie really made me think about my own life and if I was living it to the greatest of my capability.  You are left thinking about what is really important and that is the investment we make into other people.  After seeing the first two films, I hope that the third book, The Ultimate Journey, will also be made into a film.

the ultimate life

Note: The Ultimate Journey was made into the movie The Ultimate Legacy.

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