The Three Gifts of Christmas: Gifts of the Wise Men

The Wise Men approached the Christ Child and worshipped him first and foremost.  More than anything the Lord wants us to spend time with him. We can worship him in so many ways whether through prayer, Bible reading, music, dancing, the written word, nature or silence the Lord is waiting for us to spend time with him.

Once the Magi finished worshipping the child, they presented him with three gifts. 

These three gifts were :

  1. Gold—which is of great value and symbolizes worth and virtue. Earthly kings often use gold as a sign of their wealth and power.  Gold was rare in Biblical times and along with silver the earliest form of currency mentioned in the Bible. We are told that the streets of heaven will be of pure gold, like transparent glass. {Revelation 21:21}
  2. Frankincense—which is often used as a perfume. It is also used to symbolize a deity and prayer. It was part of the holy incense burned in the temple.
  3. Myrrh—which is often used as an anointing oil, for both religious sacraments and embalming. This often symbolizes suffering as is evidenced when Jesus body was anointed after his crucifixion.  Often found its way into medicine and perfumes.

The gifts given to the Christ Child were extremely valuable and rare. They were the best gifts the Magi had to offer to the King of the Jews. It was also some of the most valuable and rare properties of the earth worth a king.

However, Christmas is about more than the gifts the Magi presented to the Christ Child. 

Next week we will discuss these gifts.

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