Wellness Tuesday: The Power of Accountability

One important factor to weight loss is the power of accountability.  For years, I struggled to lose weight but had no accountability partner.  Mama and I tried to hold one another accountable, but quickly discovered that as I’ve previously written about; we enabled one another more than we held one another accountable.

A friend and I decided to hold one another accountable to exercise and eat healthy. accountability

A few of the benefits of an accountability partner I discovered, are:

  1. We encourage one another when we struggle
  2. I didn’t want to tell my accountability partner I’d not exercised
  3. A safe place {or person} to share
  4. Someone with the same struggles and/or goals
  5. A person to exercise with {if you live close to one another—unfortunately my accountability partner is across the country}
  6. Someone to pray for you
  7. Someone to challenge you

I have to admit that in the last few months, we have gotten off tracks.  I have reminded myself the reason for an accountability partner and that it is time to get back on track.

How has an accountability partner benefited you?



The Power of Accountability in weight loss

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