Behind the Song: The Lord’s Prayer


Jesus taught us how we should pray to our God in heaven. His prayer became known as The Lord’s Prayer.

Albert Hay Malotte

The Lord’s Prayer can be found in Matthew 6 and Luke 11.
The Lord’s Prayer tells us how to approach and honor God, to seek God’s will, to thank him for all things, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive others, to seek protection from temtation and evil and to remember that God’s kingdom will reign forever and ever.

Fast forward almost 2000 years and Albert Hay Malotte was born on May 19, 1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He was a pianist and organist, who gained his start playing for silent pictures. He later performed concerts throughout the United States and Europe.

In 1935, he took provided a tune to Jesus’ words in the Lord’s Prayer. The song was first performed and recorded by popular baritone, John Charles Thomas.

The Lord’s Prayer became a popular song during weddings and for special occasions in the church.

During World War II, Malotte toured with the USO and entertained the troops. He held a rank of Captain in the Special Services.

John Charles Thomas

He was married to Elmina Todd, who died in 1945. On August 23, 1946, he married Marguerite Stevens Hester.

Malotte composed numerous scores and songs over the years, many uncredited. He provided many of the music used in the Disney animations.

The Lord’s Prayer was not the only Biblical text he set to music. He also set the Beatitudes and the Twenty-Third Psalm to music.

He died of pneumonia on November 16, 1964. He is buried at Forest Lawn, the Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

However, his melody to The Lord’s Prayer, lingers on in the heart and mind of many believers.


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