Behind the Song: The Family of God

The Family of God is a song that I grew up singing in church and is ingrained on my heart and soul. At one church, we gathered together and held hands as we sang this song. Even four decades later from the toddler I was at the time, this song remains deep in my soul and heart.

The Family of God is a chorus by Bill and Gloria Gaither discussing how we are part of the family of God.

Gloria Gaither shares the story in her book Something Beautiful.

On Good Friday, the family was preparing for Easter when they received a phone call that a dear friend, Ron Garner, had been in a garage explosion and was badly burned.

The family came together for prayer for Ron and his family, who was not expected to live.

That was an Easter with many heavy hearts as they worried about Ron, but he was still alive.

The pastor reminded them that they were going to thank God and continue to pray because they were part of the family of God.

That afternoon, once they returned home, the Gaither’s wrote the praise song The Family of God.

Ron survived and God worked many miracles in his life and family.

To hear the full story from Ron Garner and Gloria Gaither, see the video below. I promise your heart will be touched and moved.


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