Rebel to Redeemed: The End of Hell

After three years in an abusive relationship, I had no doubt I was living in hell.  There were times when arguing with Duncan his eyes grew so black, that I wondered if it was Duncan or the devil I was dealing with.

The weeks leading up to Christmas became a nightmare.  Our relationship became non-existent and we were not even civil to one another.

I had to crash and burn before I could start over.

I had to crash and burn before I could start over.

I couldn’t wait to get out of there, but still wasn’t sure how.   Duncan and Mary had plans to visit family across the country in January and I was working with my family to make plans while they were gone.  I knew this would be the safest way to get away.

I still worried that if I truly tried to leave, I may not be able to get away safely.

Things got so bad we couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with one another.

Then Christmas arrived and I wondered if I was dealing with a different person.  For that one day, everything was put aside and the old Duncan returned.

Sadly, that did not last, except for Christmas day.

Two days after Christmas everything came to a head.  I stood up for myself and Duncan did not like it.  I told him that he could control Mary’s husband, but he wasn’t going to control me any longer.

Duncan was livid and began to say vile things.  He began to throw in my face all the things the other women in his life would do for him.  I told him “they are welcome to you.”

Then Mary entered the scene and told me that if I left she’d make sure “I was killed.”  I’d heard it so much over the years, I didn’t even believe it any longer.  I was also so broken that I didn’t care.

“Maybe they’ll get you instead,” I snapped and slapped her face.

Less than an hour later I was taken out of that situation.  I was relieved, but numb.

The one question I kept asking God was “what happens now?”

I was about to discover hope and redemption still existed.


*Name changed

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