In the Struggle: The Book Hoarder

Mama thrives off of surroundings that are spotless.  I’m much more artistic and although I don’t like filth, the clutter will pile up at times until I can’t take it and clean up.

Over the years I’ve collected a number of things and clutter has gotten out of hand at times.   My biggest weakness?  BOOKS

I love to read!  Always have.   By the time I was five, I was reading Christian novels and biographies most adults were reading.

So many books. How, oh how, do I choose? They are all my friends.

So many books. How, oh how, do I choose? They are all my friends.

If I could read, write, sing and play the piano ALL the time, I would.

However, books take up space and this obsession gets out of hand at times.   Downsizing and purging my collection is NEVER easy.  I hate to say goodbye to my beloved friends.

I have tons of other collections also {crafts, collectibles, etc}.

What I’m discovering is that as I pull back the layers and work on all of the emotional baggage that built up for decades, I’m more willing to sort through and purge these collections.  I’m willing to let things go.

I heard somewhere that when we let things go in our lives, we make room for other things or people to come into our lives.

I’m nowhere near the point Mama is at but I am working on this area of my life.  We’ve all seen the hoarding shows on TV and see what an illness that can become.  I’m nowhere near that point and never want to be.  However, I can see how that can happen to people.

Mama reminds me of the poem that says {to the effect}:

 When we are young we cherish everything
At 20 we want everything we get our hands on
By 40 we begin keeping only what we want
By 60 we begin keeping only what we need
By 80 we begin keeping only what is essential


So, who knows where I’ll be in another 20+ years!   Although, I don’t see letting my books go so easily.

What is your passion?  In what area are you a hoarder?


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