The Alamo Bride

Ellis Dumont stumbles upon an unconscious New Orleans Grey on her Grandfather Dumont’s property in 1836. While unconscious, he mutters about treasures and war.  Ellis wonders who Clay Gentry really is, a friend or foe. She must decide if she will trust him and learn to be courageous to travel with him to Mission San Jose and help end the war.

The story is full of history and life in 1836 Texas, along with intrigue and mystery to keep turning the page.

Personally, I would have enjoyed more time at the Alamo.  I enjoyed the incorporation of a handful of real individuals at the Alamo.

The last hundred pages will keep you turning the page for what happens next, but I would have enjoyed delving further into a few specifics and threads throughout the storyline and actual historical events, instead of having them mentioned in passing.

However, The Alamo Bride is still a good read and I would recommend to history buffs.

**I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion

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