Rebel to Redeemed: Teenage Rebellion

I am so thankful that my parents trained me in the way I should go.

For the most part I did what was asked of me as a child.danger

However, around the time I graduated high school I began to rebel.

I thought I knew what was best.  I was anxious to test my wings and freedom, but also afraid of this freedom.

I began to hang out with the wrong kind of friends and tried smoking and alcohol.

When I left for college, I thought all of that was behind me.  However, the rebellion was just beginning.

I fell in love with the wrong person and had a very short lived marriage at a young age.  Everyone tried to warn me, but I refused to listen to the wisdom of family and friends that wanted to help.

I was on a run-away train.

The times of rebuilding my life were not easy and I would make minimal progress only to regress later on.

The rebellion that started as a teenager lasted for years to come.

I always wondered “what might have been” if I’d made different choices.


What are some of your regrets?

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