Sons in the Bible: Sons of Jesse

Jesse presented his sons to Samuel

Jesse was the son of Obed and grandson of Boaz and Ruth.

We learn the most about his sons when Samuel arrives to anoint the next king.

His sons names come from the books of 1 Samuel and 1 Chronicles.  Jesse is mentioned to have eight sons, but only seven are mentioned by name. Whether it was an error or simple emission is unsure, if one son died young, there would be no reason to mention him.

The Lord told Samuel he saw the heart

Jesse was a farmer, breeder and owner of sheep.

As Samuel considered Jesse’s sons, the Lord told him “Do not consider his appearance or his height … the Lord looks at the heart.”  {1 Samuel 16:7}

 His sons are:

Eliab—means God is my father; eldest son and brother; tall and had fair features; argued with David before David’s fight with Goliath

Abinadab—means father of the vow or willingness; went to war with Eliab and Shimea with King Saul against the Philistines

Shammah/Shimea—means Jehovah is there or proud; went to war with is older brothers; David named a son Shammah

Nethanel—means gift from God; no other information found

David appeared before Samuel after all of his brothers were presented

Raddai—means ruling or coming down; no other information found

Ozem—means that fasts or their eagerness; no other information found

David—his youngest son; anointed king; harp player; slain Goliath; married Saul’s daughter Michal; fled from King Saul; anointed king; had many wives and children; sinned with Bathsheba; a man after God’s own heart

1 Chronicles 27:18 mentions “Elihu, one of David’s brothers”.   Perhaps this is the missing brother or it could be another spelling for Eliab.

Elihu means my God is he.

Samuel and Jesse

He also had two daughters:

Zeruibah—means pain or tribulation of the Lord; had 3 sons {Abishai, Joab, and Asahel} who served in David’s army

Abigail—means father rejoiced or gives joy; no other information found.

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