Song Story: He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs

This beautiful song was written around 1970 by Dottie Rambo.

          Dottie felt inspired to write a song about the grace of God, but had been unable to finish the song.

          After a concert, she visited her brother who was dying of cancer and given only weeks to live. She prayed for him and encouraged him to give his heart to the Lord, but he refused telling her “I’ve been addicted to drugs and even spent time in jail.” Dottie reminded her brother that Jesus left the 99 sheep for the one lost sheep.

Dottie Rambo

          She felt inspired to finish the unwritten lyrics.

          On another visit, her brother told her he’d given his heart to the Lord. Dottie sung the song at her brother’s funeral and in numerous concerts thereafter.

          Years earlier, Dottie met Governor Jimmie Davis, who asked her to compose a tune to the tune of “Danny Boy”.  Dottie set “He looked beyond my need and saw my fault” to the tune of “Danny Boy” which was inspired by the tune “Londonderry Air.”

          The song reminds us of the power of God’s grace and how much we all need it.


  • Erica Ates

    I have sung this song in church for years growing up as a girl. It was and still is one of my favorite songs. It’s a timeless and a powerful song. I didn’t know till recently that it was sung and written by Dottie Rambo! She is such a beautiful lady who is singing before her King. I thank God for this beautiful lady who touched so many with her ministry.

  • Maria

    Original son by author: W.Y. Fullerton (c. 1920) (Tune: Londonderry Air, Composer anonymous) (Traditional Irish melody). The song Danny Boy written by Paul Robeson adapted the tune from Londonderry Air.
    He Looked Beyond My Faults – has both Loni Williams & Dottie Rambo (© 1968) as the author and or composers of HE LOOKED BEYOND MY FAULTS. I understand they might have both written it, however, the music came from the Tune: Londonderry Air. The music sheet in the internet shows words & music by Dottie Rambo or Loni Williams. Please help me with this. Thank you, and God bless.

    • Thank you for reaching out. From my research Dottie Rambo is credited with composing the hymn with the tune inspired by Londonderry Air. A search on Loni Williams shows that he apparently created an arrangement of the song. Even when I pull up the song he’s credited with it states on the sheet music “Composed by Dottie Rambo. Music adapted from ‘Londonderry Air.'”

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