Behind the Patriotic Song: Some Gave All

The fourth of July is in just a few days, so I thought we would enjoy a Patriotic favorite.

Some Gave All was written by Billy Ray Cyrus and debuted on his 1992 album of the same name.

Billy Ray and his first wife, Cindy Smith, wrote the song together after talking with a Vietnam Vet. This occurred sometime during their 1986-1991 marriage.

The song is a thoughtful and touching tribute to our veterans and personalizes the message, making it about one person who is named Sandy Kane.

In 2011, Cyrus re-recorded the tune for his album I’m American. He recorded the song with Marine Jamey Johnson, U.S. Army Veteran Craig Morgan and country artist Darryl Worley.

“Each of those artists, I knew the heart and the soul that they would put into the song,” Cyrus told The Boot. “When they came in to sing the song, [they] didn’t carry a lyric sheet into the vocal booth. They sung the song from their heart, they knew the words.”

Bily Ray Cyrus dedicates the song to all the veterans.

So, please, take time to thank a veteran this 4th of July.


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