Showing Kindness and Thankfulness

As a performer, who has appeared at numerous nursing home facilities, I know how important it is to hear thank you.

Saying thank you is free and can go a long way

I make every effort to write a thank you note to those that help us with various events and to take use small tokens to show my thanks. Besides, as I write the thank you note this is a great way to take a moment to pray for the individual I’m writing.

The other day in a conversation, I had a friend say “you are always so thoughtful to send us a thank you note”.  I could hear the appreciation in her voice and realized that this was apparently a very rare occurrence.

This made me wonder what has happened to our culture with the passage of times.  I remember as a child, being taught that you always expressed your thanks when someone shows you a kindness.

We all need a little kindness in our life

2 Samuel 2:6 says, “May the LORD now show you kindness and faithfulness, and I too will show you the same favor because you have done this”

If someone shows us kindness and faithfulness, then the least we can do is return the same favor.

But even if our kindness is not returned, there is one who sees and knows all and will reward us for our kindness and thoughtfulness.

How do you show your kindness and thankfulness?



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