Serving Others Through Our Deeds and Prayer

Cooking has never been my forte, but I’m learning how to cook more.

This is a two fold action on my part.

One, I’m learning so that I can eat healthier.

Jesus demonstrated what it means to serve one another

Two, I’m learning because I have to cook and bake for my job at times.  That is where I want to concentrate for the moment.

As I cook and bake for others, I take the opportunity to pray over the food as I’m preparing it.

I may not know who will be eating what I am preparing, but the Lord does.

I pray for that person and whatever s/he is going through.  I pray that the Lord knows that individuals heart and needs and that He will be with that person and provide comfort, guidance and wisdom and I pray that the Lord will minister to this person.

if cooking is your gift, this is a way to say I care to someone and pray while you prepare a meal for that individual

I also pray that the Lord will allow me to be a blessing to this individual when we come into contact with one another.

We can serve the Lord by serving others.  But, as we serve them and minister to their needs, we can also take the time to pray for them.

Jesus became a servant to others and on the night before he was crucified, he washed the disciples feet.

If you remember, Peter objected to this, but Jesus told him “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”  {Mark 10:45}

If Jesus came to serve, then we are definitely called to serve others.

How do you serve others?  Do you pray for others?


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