Rebel to Redeemed: Seeking God’s Will

My bed of roses had turned into a field of hay.  I may have been in God’s will but life wasn’t as rosy as I wanted to dream it was.

The devil was fighting me at every turn and I struggled.

We need to continuously seek God's will in ALL things

We need to continuously seek God’s will in ALL things

I began to earnestly seek God’s will.  I prayed hard for those at work that were giving me a difficult time.  I didn’t know why but God did.   I saw him remove some individuals from the situation, while allowing the opportunity to work out the situation with other individuals.

There were circumstances in this situation that I did not feel had been handled fairly, properly or in a Christ like manner.  There were a lot of questions that were “swept under the rug” and not answered.  I really struggled with all of this and found myself constantly seeking God.

In time He gave me peace about the situation, even though it was not what I longed for.  However, God also showed me my strengths and capabilities.  I began to blossom, come out of my cocoon and I was starting to fly.

I wasn’t sure why situations happened as they did, but God knew.  I was about to discover that His ways are not our ways.

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