Movie Review: Risen

Risen is the first of a quartet of Christian films debuting this Lent and Easter season. Risen

The film begins with the earthquake and death of Jesus.  Roman Military Tribune Clavius, the right hand of Pontius Pilate, is sent to the crucifixion to ensure that The Nazarene is truly dead.

After the crucifixion, Clavius and his aide, Lucius, have the enormous task of finding the missing body of Yahshua {the Hebrew name for Jesus}.  His journey tasks him many places, as he attempts to dig up bodies, searches for answers and seeks out the disciples.

As the movie’s tagline suggest, this is the manhunt that changed the course of human history.

When Clavius comes face to face with Yahshua he has a decision to make.   Will he choose to believe or will he turn his back on Yahshua?

The story is told from the point of a non-believer, which I thought was a very good decision.

The film has a few pacing issues in the beginning, but picks up speed and becomes much better as the film progresses.

Joseph Fiennes, who plays Clavius, was very believable in this portrayal of the Roman soldier.  He made Clavius feared as a Roman soldier, but likeable as a man.  He does a wonderful job of carrying this film and making up for other cast members who seem to have been miscast.

I strongly encourage you to see Risen and follow the journey of Clavius as he searches for the missing Yahshua.

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