Topic Monday: Domestic Violence Series–Pros and Cons of Engaging the Authorities

Around the end of my abusive relationship, I worked with off duty police officers who worked security at my job.  I was able to discuss my situation with them.

Their advice was very helpful, but I also realized there were consequences once the police left.arrest

If you are having a domestic squabble, calling the police can create a record of the ongoing dispute and even break up the violence.

If your spouse has hit you, the police are obligated to arrest him/her and take him/her to jail.  This allows the opportunity to obtain a restraining order.

Also, when my husband destroyed my personal property, I filed a police report.  I wanted a record of all that I’d endured.

However, there were also cons to calling the police.  I had to deal with tantrums after the police left.  There was one instance where my husband refused to speak to me for a month after calling the police.  He also retaliated financially and transportationally.

No one wants to see this due to domestic violence

No one wants to see this due to domestic violence

There were also times when my husband called the police when I would walk off {in order to calm down}.  He was always angry that I was able to walk off without being arrested.  I knew if I’d stayed, the situation would only escalate and tried my best to diffuse the situation.

The most important thing to remember is that if one party physically lays hands on another then that person can be and will be taken to jail.  The injured party has the option to press charges.

What are pros and cons you have discovered to engaging the authorities?

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