The Seven Deacons: Prochorus

Prochorus is one of the Seven Deacons.   His name is Greek meaning leader of the dance.

He was chosen to care for the poor of the Christian community in Jerusalem. {Acts 6:5}

Tradition states he was the nephew of Stephen.

Stephen the Martyr

He accompanied the Apostle Peter, who ordained him as the bishop to the cit of Nicomedia, which is an ancient Greek city in modern day Turkey.

He may have also accompanied the Apostle John. John  consecrated him bishop of Nicomedia in Bithynia. Some depict him as a scribe to St. John, although this does not seem to have been proven.

According to the tradition he was the bishop of Antioch and ended his life as a martyr in Antioch in the 1st century.

He is counted among the Seventy Apostles.

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