Praying for Our Children

                Several weeks ago, in church, I watched a family a few pews ahead of us.  During the invitation, the mother went forward with her adult son to the altar.  There they knelt together praying together and at one point the mother was over her son and I could imagine she was praying over her child.

                I was struck by this, because so seldom in churches today do I see parents go forward to pray with their children.  Tears filled my eyes at this precious sight.

                My mind wondered.  How many parents are praying with their children?  How many parents are praying for their children?

                I’m not a parent, but I thought about who I needed to pray for in my life.  I already prayed for my niece, nephews and residents {who can be like children}, but how can I customize my prayers to their needs.  Only through asking the Lord will he reveal this.

                Psalm 127:3 says, “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.”

                Imagine how we can transform lives and the world by not only praying for our children {or children in our lives}, but also with them.

                Do you pray with your children?

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