Wellness Tuesday: The Power of Indulgence

After leaving an abusive relationship, I returned home to my family.  I have worked to rebuild my life and although I still have a ways to go to be where I’d like, I’m thankful that I’m not where I was.

One of the biggest issues I have discovered in trying to maintain my weight loss goals, is how difficult it is to do this around family.  We often indulge one another.        indulging

We all have our weaknesses, but the biggest for Mama and myself is ice cream.  We will decide not to purchase anymore but inevitably within a week or two one of us will break down and purchase the cold, creamy substance.

Another factor is GG* {my grandmother} has an extreme sweet tooth.  She has cookies, candies, ice cream bars and numerous other sweets in the house.  Since I’m there on almost a daily basis, the temptation is constantly there.  Some days I do very well and am able to resist indulging, but other days cave and give into the temptation.

I have discovered there are a few factors that make it easier for me to give in to temptation.

These include:

  1. Not eating before I come over or fast food
  2. Not filling up on vegetables
  3. Drinking plenty of water
  4. Determine if I am truly hungry or emotionally eating
  5. Hide {or have someone else hide} foods that are tempting

With these thoughts in mind, I try to eat properly before I get to GG*.

What are some of your indulgences?

*Name altered


The Power of Indulgence in Weight Loss 

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