Peter and John

We have been review John’s relationship with Jesus and his eyewitness to not only Easter, but the life of Jesus.

However, there is one other man who is often mentioned with John and that is Peter.

Clearly, we know Peter and John knew one another before they met Jesus, because Peter is with Zebedee and his sons, when Jesus comes upon the boat with the men.  {Luke 5:10}

We do not know how they met or how long they knew one another, but they had a long-standing friendship before their association with Jesus.

Peter and John, along with his brother James, are part of Jesus inner circle and are the only people with him when he raised children from the dead and went on the mountain to pray.

When Jesus sends his men to prepare for the Passover meal, who does he send?  He sends Peter and John.  {Luke 22:8} Clearly he trust them and knows they will carry his wishes out.

Peter, James and John are with Jesus in the inner place to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. They are there together when Jesus is arrested.

After the crucifixion, they are together and run to the empty tomb.

After the resurrection, the men are again together fishing when Jesus appears.  When he tells Peter how he is going to die, the disciple looks to his friend John.  What about him?  He wants to know what is going to happen to his friend and maybe there is a little bit of comparison or competition there, although Jesus tells him to remind his own business.

Peter and John were arrested for sharing the gospel

After the transfiguration, Peter and John were with the other disciples when the Holy Spirit came upon them.

When Peter performs his first miracle, we are told he and John were together.  {Acts 3:1}

The men are imprisoned together for sharing the gospel and testifying.  {Acts 4}

Peter told Luke about his experiences with Jesus {hence the gospel of Luke} and John is believed to have written the Gospel of John.

Peter is the outgoing, impetuous of the two.  John’s words are not really quoted in scripture, but he seems to be the calmer, more even mannered of the two.

The one thing which is clear, is that the two were good friends and encouraged and lifted one another up.

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