Book Review: Once Beyond a Time

Once Beyond a TimeAnn Tatlock proves once again that she is a master story teller with her latest book, Once Beyond a Time.

The story takes place in 1968 Black Mountain, North Carolina.  Sheldon and Meg Crane move to the area with two of their three children.  Sheldon recently left the ministry after having an affair and takes a job at his brother-in-law’s auto dealership.  Their daughter, Linda, is angry and rebellious.  Upon settling into the house, the family discovers they can see and communicate with occupants that live in the house at periods of time in both the past and future.  While struggling to come to terms with all of the changes in their lives and the portal through time, their son, Digger, disappears.  The answers lie in the mysterious house and the power of forgiveness.

Tatlock weaves the story together seamlessly and offers one surprise after another.  She takes a secret and family in turmoil and effortlessly keeps the reader captivated until the very end.  I really enjoyed the way she intertwined the story with the past and future occupants.

Ann Tatlock

Ann Tatlock

The story is written in the voice of each of the four main characters, sharing their thoughts and feelings at the moment.

I highly recommend this book to everyone.  If you are struggling with betrayal and forgiveness, this story can definitely minister to your heart and situation without overwhelming the reader.

Once you finish Once Beyond a Time, you will be a fan of Ann Tatlock’s.

Note: Tatlock recently won a Christy Award in the Visionary category for Once Beyond a Time.

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