Rebel to Redeemed: Never Stop Praying

Never stop praying!  That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned through all of life’s twist and turns.

never stop praying believeWhen I returned home after a three year absence, family and friends all told me that they never stopped praying for me.  I know those prayers made on a difference on some of those dark, lonely nights.  I know those prayers saved me from becoming a Dateline story.

I’m so thankful for those prayers and loved ones that cared enough not to give up on me.

I also discovered I can’t stop praying for both others and myself.

I continue to seek God’s will and to pour out my heart and soul to Him on a regular basis.  There are days I can’t find the words to pray, but I’m honest and tell God this.  Sometimes I just bask in His company.   Other times I lift my heart up in song.  Because I honestly believe the old saying that “when we sing we pray twice.” {St. Augustine quote}

Yet, I know that I have to keep praying for others.  For those that have hurt and betrayed me, I pray that God will work in their lives and He knows how best to do that.  I also pray to be able to forgive them.

For those that are lost or have wondered far from God, I pray for that salvation and that God will give them a “damasks road experience.”pray without ceasing

For those that are hurting, in pain or suffering a loss, I pray for God’s comfort, strength and love to surround them.

There are so many hurts, needs and request that need to be lifted before the throne of God.  Sometimes this is a quick one time prayer and other times I besiege the throne room with these request.

However, I know that God is there and He is listening and working.   There are times I close my eyes and pray, but often I pray while doing other tasks such as driving, walking, cooking or even talking with others.

We are told to “pray without ceasing.”  {1 Thessalonians 5:17} God is there and He does hear.

He’s proven to me time and again how prayer has worked in my life.

Only He knows why some prayers are answered instantaneously while others take years or even decades to be answered.   However, the more we ask the more serious He knows the request is to us.

So, we are to never stop praying.

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