Movie Review: Woodlawn

woodlawnAre you looking for a good movie this weekend?

Woodlawn is a great movie to see.  You will find yourself inspired, moved and reminiscent about life in the tumultuous 1960s.

The film takes place in the segregated days of 1973 Alabama when the schools are struggling for integration.  The football team at Woodlawn High School is struggling, along with the rest of the school and city.  One loss follows another loss and the morale of the entire team is dismal.  Then Tandy Gerelds, the football coach, allows Hank to speak with the team.

Hank shares the message of Christ and the team unanimously agrees to play the game “one way.”   In time the team is completely transformed, and begin to effect the lives of the players, coach, school and community.   Their decision is not without opposition, though.  However, the story takes a turn when they reach out to their rivals.

Much of the story focuses on star football player, Tony Nathan, who is a gifted athlete.  Woodlawn-2015

One of the most touching scenes comes at the end of the movie when the Lord’s Prayer is recited amidst much animosity.


The film stars Sean Astin {Rudy, Lord of the Rings}, Jon Voight, Nicholas Bishop, C. Thomas Howell and Sherri Shepherd.

Whether you enjoy Faith based films, Sports themed movies or a strong story you will not leave the film unmoved.  This is a movie worth seeing and worth adding to a DVD collection, once available on DVD.  Update: The movie is now available on DVD.


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