Miracles from Heaven movie review

Last weekend, I had the chance to see Miracles from Heaven and it is a movie you don’t want to miss.Miracles

The story is based on real life events.

Anna Beam mysteriously becomes ill one evening.  Her parents take her from one doctor to another but no one can tell them what is wrong.  She is misdiagnosed multiple times until her mother Christie, played by Jennifer Garner, demands answer and forces a visit with a children’s specialists. Christie Beam deals with her own issues in her anger towards God and insensitive friends. However, she is such an advocate for her daughter.

Anna Beam is diagnosed with an incurable stomach disease that will leaving you hurting with the rest of the family.  Sent home with no hope, she falls through a tree and is instantly healed.  There are many who question her healing, but the miracle is obvious to all who knew her as a sick young girl.

This movie will pull on your emotional heartstrings.  Be sure to take some Kleenex with you to the theater, because you won’t be able to stop the tears. The film pulls you into the struggles of this family as they deal with a child suffering from an incurable disease.  The family’s faith is woven into the story  in a realistic way and portrays their struggles as well as their victories.

This movie proves that God is still in the healing business even today.

Miracles are God’s way of showing us that He’s here.” From Miracles from Heaven

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