Rebel to Redeemed: Meeting the Enemy

I was going through my life and day to day activities.

I was enjoying the life of a Casual Christian, but not putting any other effort into my relationship with God.

Meeting the enemy

Meeting the enemy

I was busy finishing up my last year of college, which included a semester of student teaching. I was looking forward to finishing school, settling into a career and finally getting on my feet.  I had no idea that life would not happen as planned.

I’d been interested in family history since my divorce and was very active in researching my family when time allowed.  I’d posted for information on several genealogy websites {this is before the days of} and struck up a conversation with a man, Duncan, in Scotland.

We quickly became friends and began emailing one another.  This led to phone calls with one another.

I soon began to meet many of his other family members.

I’d just begun writing and was still unsure of my abilities.  I shared my writings with Duncan* and appreciated his support and encouragement.

I had no intention of falling for this man, but that is exactly what happened.

What I didn’t know at the time was I had just met the enemy.  He would ensnare me and make my life a living hell for the next four years.

However, God tried to warn me.  What I didn’t know was that I was about to battle with God.

*Name changed

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