Faithful Heroes: Martha Myers

Martha Myers, was a doctor, who dedicated her life to sharing the gospel with the people of Yemen. She and two other missionaries were killed while serving the people of Yemen.

Martha Myers was born on March 13, 1945 in Birmingham, Alabama.

Myers grew up in a Christian home and is described as “compassionate” even from a young age. By the fifth grade, she knew she wanted to be a missionary and had a strong interest in the medical field.

Martha Myers

After finishing high school and her bachelor’s, she began medical school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.

By her third year of medical school, she was participating in a program with the Foreign Mission Board. She spent two month of training in Yemen and returned with a passion for the people.

Upon finishing medical school, she answered the call to missions in Yemen. She would serve there for the next twenty-five years, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology.

Martha Myers helping others

She was known as Dr. Martha by the people and was known for her considerable compassion and generosity.

On December 30, 2002, a terrorist bust into the hospital and murdered Dr. Martha and two other American missionaries. Instead of stopping the spread of Christianity with the murder, the word of God has spread with the story of Dr. Martha and her kindness throughout Yemen and the world.

Her pastor, Rick Evans, said “Martha was a victorious Christian and was obedient until death. She had no life of her own, it was of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Jerry Rankin, President of the International Mission Board said, “Martha’s colleagues said the gunmen did not take her life,” Rankin noted. “She lost her life to Jesus Christ years ago when she trusted him.
..Martha was not living for herself … but to serve others. Her life exemplified Jesus Christ.”

Her casket was built by the people of Yemen “who loved her”. Over 40,000 Yemen’s filed past her casket.

At her funeral Martha’s father, Ira Meyers, also a physician, said “We are not angry…Our faith in God is what we depend upon, and God is love…There is no place for hate…In Alabama, Martha’s grave would just be a grave…In Yemen, her grave is a testimony.”

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