It’s Okay to be Angry

When we are hurting it’s so easy to see what everyone else has that we don’t have.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is, someone else has that thing we so desperately long for or lost.

It’s okay to be angry

  • Good health
  • A spouse
  • A child
  • A job

The little resentments begin to creep into our heart when we see or are around those people.  They haven’t done anything to us, but we still resent them.

Anger is a natural part of the grieving process.

  • We want our health back
  • We want our spouse back
  • We want a child of our own
  • We want that cherished career or position

anger is part of the grieving process


The point is to not stay angry.

To not hold our resentment for that person that has what we so desperately cherish.

Working through anger is a process and takes time, but staying angry is not healthy.


We may not realize it, but we carry anger with us.  Some of the ways in which anger is obvious is:

  • It is readable on our face
  • Our blood pressure increases
  • Increased anxiety and depression
  • Digestion issues
  • Insomnia


Regular exercise helps

So find a healthy way to deal with the anger that is inside, such as:

  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Taking a time out
  • Music
  • Humor
  • Creative expression
  • Relaxation

So while it’s okay to be angry, it’s not okay to stay angry.

How do you deal with anger?

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