Book Review: It’s Good to be Queen by Liz Curtis Higgs

We know the legend of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.  However, have you ever thought of the true story?It's Good to be Queen

Everything we know about them comes from thirteen short verses found in 1 Kings in the Bible.

In her book, It’s Good to be Queen, Liz Curtis Higgs dives into these verses, the history and culture of the times and gets to the heart of the story.  Along her journey, she shares lessons we can all learn from Sheba and shares her own personal stories, along with the words of many of her beloved readers.

Liz Curtis Higgs is a master at breaking down the stories of women in the Bible and taking us on a journey with these ladies.  From her Bad Girls of the Bibles Series to her book The Girl’s Still Got It on Ruth, she has proven that she is a scholar of the Bible along with being a master storyteller.

Liz Curtis HiggsHiggs shares background information and lessons that I definitely had not considered in reading the story of Sheba in the Bible.  Her book is filled with deep information, yet is not hard to chew the way a textbook might be.  Instead, you can hear Liz’s voice and her heart in her friendliness, openness and compassion for her audience.

My only complaint about Liz’s book is that I have to wait so long for the next one to come out.  She’s a master with both her non-fiction and Historical fiction novels.  However, I know that each time I pick up one of her books I am visiting with an old friend and will not be disappointed.

So have you read Sheba’s story?  Which woman in the Bible should Liz delved into next?

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